Taha Sadiki

Data Scientist / Web Developper

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About Me

Currently, I work as United Remote’s Data Scientist 🧐️, analyzing Talent Pools and improving the efficiency of the hiring process to help find the perfect new hires by leveraging analytics, standing up big-data analytical tools, creating and maintaining data pipelines, and designing compelling data visualization dashboards📊️ 👀️ basically BI 🤦‍♂️️.

And driven by my passion for graphical design I dived into web development which comes in handy at the end of every "Data Science Product": presenting & communicating results 🎉️.


Lear Corporation

Internship-web developper

I worked on a web application for quality management and monitoring compliance with internal standards and regulations. * Back-end: Java EE-Spring boot * Front-end : HTML5 & CSS3 Bootstrap * DBMS: SQLserver


Internship-Time series forecasting

I developed a user-friendly decision support service by making predictions on time series with an automatic selection of the most suitable model (ARIMA, ETS, THETA, Structural models...). * Microservices Architecture * Central service: Java EE-Spring boot * Forecasting service: R language - Plumber


Internship-Road traffic modelling

Real-time road traffic modeling for Bab-Zair intersection in Rabat in order to minimize waiting time (using PSO algorithm with tabu search) and reduce the number of conflicts and accidents. * Simulation software: PTV VISSIM * Analysis software: SSAM (surrogate safety assessment model)

United Remote

Data Scientist

I worked on a data integration and visualization project within the Talent Acquisition team where I built an ETL process (executed once a day) to integrate all the information from different sources we gathered on candidates through the steps of the hiring process into one single relational database. Then we connected this database to Metabase to inspect and analyze this data in order to improve the process of hiring and keep track of the performance of the talent acquisition team.


Lycée Hassan II Tinejdad-Errachidia

2013 - 2014

Baccalauréat-Sciences mathématiques

Mention très bien

CPGE-MP Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Meknès

2014 - 2016

Maths & Physics

Classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles

École Mohammedia d'Ingénieurs - Rabat

2016 - 2019

Modélisation et Informatique Scientifique



Tap-Recruitee (Data Integration)

While working on an ETL project using, I created this Recruitee Tap to extract and transform data from Recruitee API to then load it to another data warehouse to prepare it for visualization & analytics

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Nearby Shops

The project is about implementing an app that lists all the available pieces of information about nearby shops (including location, distance, phone numbers ...) based on the location of the user. Main technologies: Java + Spring boot + thymeleaf DB & API : PostgreSQL, TomTom API

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A simple React app (just for fun ^^ ) that communicates with two APIs RobotHash and JSONPlaceHolder to display Robots cards and do a real-time search by robot name.

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